A day in the life of a girl like me!

Monday, August 11, 2008


This past weekend I got to reunite with one of my best friends (Indi Pindi) that lives in the Netherlands. We've known eachother ever since we were like 15 ( we met in high school). We became friends and before you knew it we were pretty much inseperable....well up until senior year of High School that is. I came to the States to continue my education and she and many of my friends went to the Netherlands. We've always kept in contact...we would see eachother sometimes during Christmas break, but mostly during summer time. However, since I started graduate school and now that am working, we've missed eachother what seems to be everytime we're back in Aruba. She'd go for summer and I'd be stuck here...I'd go home for Christmas and she'd be stuck in Holland...so we've managed to play that game of tag for 3 years ...the last time we spent a summer together was the summer of '05.

Unbelievable how time flies, yet we know everything that happens in eachother's lives. It's relationships like these that really make me realize that friendships are everlasting....Different continents and time zones doesn't matter...we always make ways to keep in contact (thanks to technology). It just shows that friendships are not based on always having to be around someone, it just means that near or far, seeing eachother or not, we are always connected and know everything that's going on in eachother's lives....without ever skipping a beat.

Ik houd van jouw In. Ik heb het heel erg leuk gehad. Het moet weer gebeuren...maar misschien wordt het tijd dat ik naar Holly ga!