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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I still remember my first Thanksgiving celebration- it was in the Fall of 2002, I was invited to spend the holiday weekend with my roommate (Liz) and her family. I vividly remember waking up Thanksgiving morning (well actually it was already noon,lol) to the smell of onion,garlic,pumpkin spices, poultry baking etc etc.. Mr. and Mrs. D were both in the kitchen and invited me to taste the stuffing that had just come out the oven. I didn't likey likey, it looked like seasoned bread mixed with different spices and stuff....lol...A bit later family started showing up, Liz's Zia Nina, Uncle Phil and Cousin Nico, her brothers were home (except for Jon, the eldest brother).We all sat at the table and had a wonderful meal, everyone had wine except for me . That day was filled with laughter, conversation ,great company and good food ( everyone went back for seconds...and ofcourse I wasn't left out,lol)!What a great weekend that was...we ate A LOT,watched football and just hung out . I realized that it truly was a celebration of being in the company of your family and friends and enjoying every moment spent together- giving thanks.

But should Thanksgiving be the only day that we sit back,reflect and give thanks for all that we have/ don't have. I give thanks every day for both....why you ask? Well, I believe that I'm given just enough- only what I need. I give thanks for having loving family and friends that will be by my side no matter what and I also give thanks for the things I don't have because I realize that I am just as happy as I thought I would be if I were to have them. Even though we don't celebrate this holiday in my culture - I do miss my immediate family and wish I could have been with them on this day. I love you Whoody,Pops and Pig.