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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another day in not-so-paradise

Me blogging? Never thought that would happen.... At first I was like, why would I put all my thought somewhere where any and everyone could read ? Then without me even realizing it was the same thing that intrigued me about blogging. So here goes....

Today is Tuesday May 13th just another day in not- so- paradise....woke up at 6:45 AM like I usually do, hopped in the shower and got ready for work. These past two weeks have been nice, my dushi and I both wake up early for work..it's nice having company in the morning, okay...the truth is I just like the fact that I'm not the only one that has to wake up, lol.....because as anyone that knows me should know..I HATE HATE HATE waking up early knowing that my dushi gets to sleep in...so it's nice for a change! Nothing exciting happend at work today....though now that I think about it even further...nothing exciting EVER happens at work.... but I must admit one thing...I do have fun with my co-workers...like when we go to the mall for lunch ( read: speed shopping), or when we go for walks in GC ...or days we congregate at the front desk or in my cubicle.....Work is fun (at times) but I get bored out of my mind too, but for now this would suffice!

Wow..blogging is kinda fun, I might just be blogging about every single thing that happens in my life....guess my grand kids will have something to read about me when they are growing up....that would actually be kinda neat!

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