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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Monday morning bright and early woke up extatic because I had finally said YES TO THE DRESS!! I found the perfect dress at Nordstrom...it was everything I had imagined and dreamt of; something classy and sexy at the same time. I ordered my size, received the confirmation and also the estimated shipping date; it said 7/11/2008, the date didn't phase me because I thought whatever....I'd be here by next week monday FOR SURE. So today June 12th, I contacted Nordstrom because the item hadn't shipped....what I was about to hear would ruin my entire day....okay, I'm being dramatic, but I was pissed,upset and sad all at the same time....my item wouldn't be shipped until JULY 11th....yes, she said JULY....that would not make it in time for my special day....I was CONVINCED however, that the confirmation email indicated JUNE 11th...but when I double checked I realized that indeed it said JULY. So here we go again...back to the drawing board..in search of ANOTHER PERFECT DRESS....

I checked my other online purchase and was happy to know that it had been delivered to my house ( said it was on my porch), so I got home..peeped on my porch and found NOTHING. So I thought that maybe My Dushi had seen it out there and brought it in....asked him....and nothing! Still I thought he was messing with me, ...I asked him what seems like a million times....and I soon realized that he was getting frustrated at me, which usually meant that he was telling the truth. Here we go again I thought.... I sat down at my desk, looked up the phone number to call UPS....the agent on the phone told me that it was delivered to Apt. 107 instead of 106, so I figured, no biggie..I'll just go check on THEIR porch! Hung up, went outside to go check with my neighbors, only to realize that they had moved ( no wonder I hadn't seen the guys in over a week )....daaaaaannnng....seems like Murphy's messing with me today. Oooh well, guess I should always think positively....the worst that could happen already did...so I have only positives to look forward to ( I have faith).

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