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Monday, December 20, 2010

The big day is here :-)

The day's here. I finally get to see my baby.

Went in for my ultra sound, I knew it was going to be one of those vaginal ultrasounds.. ugh..there's nothing worse than having to spread eagle.  I guess I should be used to it, besides I'm a woman.

So that thing was insterted (I know, I know TMI) and I saw the little tadpole on the ultrasound screen- I was still in shock. A baby growin in my belly? Really? Wow! Even though I already knew this, there was nothing better than hearing my little pumpkin's heartbeat; it sounded like a galloping horse-strong and steady like his mommy (okay- and daddy too). It was one of the most amazing experiences-knowing that you're uterus is carrying something so precious. I can't wait to get home to show daddy his little munchkin- even though he probably won't have a clue what he's looking at,lol.

Today is also my parents' 28th anniversary...Happy Anniversary to the most amazing parents a girl could ever ask for. And BELIEVE me when I say, if I could go back and choose my parents- I'd choose Barbara Maria and Carlos Manuel all over again. THEY ARE THAT AMAZING!!

I get to go home in 3 days...wooohooo Aruba here I come (with precious cargo on board).

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