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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Pheeeew what a day! It really was a day of double celebration!

My mother-in-law joined the ranks of the distinguished graduates of FIU's law school.
It was the usual scene at the Pharmed Arena; faculty, board of trustees members, President Maidique and the guest speaker on the podium, while the soon to be conferred JD candidates sat in the first few rows and were joined by family and friends. It was a happy day, and to be quite honest....I think I am ready to go back to school to add one more degree to my list of degrees....I want to be one of the students walking across the podium to receive another degree ( Maybe I should become a permanent banner marshall, at least I'll get to wear a gown everytime and not have to bust my ass studying and writing papers,lol....easy way out)
As usual I didn't pay attention to Maidique's speech ( I've heard it many times before), the class appointed speaker however gave a good speech (pretty much saying that family and friends play a big part in them being able to call themselves JD today). The only time I really paid attention was .....when they finally called my mother-in-law's name to receive her degree I was overjoyed, ..she's come a long way, this was a huge accomplishment and all that good stuff,...but the real reason was that I was happy the ceremony was coming to an end....(I was hungry as hell and couldn't wait to grub)....

So now we're outside, waiting for the new JD to come out so we can congratulate her again and take the traditional pictures outside the Pharmed Arena.......as soon as she comes we grab the camera and start clicking, next thing you know the battery light comes on and the camera shuts off....that's fine though..we had a "back up" phone....the only problem though, the "back up" camera was nowhere to be found....grrr.....doesn't that always seem to happen? Such a joyous occasion and no tangible proofs of memories.....wait....camera phones ...TG for technology....took some pics with the camera phone and called it a day....

We finally get to the house...it was decorated for a birthday party....today was Corey's FIRST birthday party...we had a cake, chips, soda and juice. The house was filled with little kids...we sang Happy Birthday,..Corey and his Mommy blew out the candles and we had cake ( they had cake, I had icing,lol..)...Can't believe that a whole year has gone by since that 5lb 11 oz baby boy joined us in this world!

It was a happy sunday; tomorrow back to the mundane life of working full-time....wish everyday could be like the weekend!

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