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Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Dress is just a dress

Growing up I loved dresses and skirts, then around the age of 10 or so I refused to wear them. I was in a phase where anything girlie was out of the question...except for boys that is..I've always loved them....

I remember this day as if it were yesterday....had to sing in church on Mother's day with "Coro TutuFruti" and mommy wanted me to wear a dress..."Lainchie you will look soo pretty in a dress" were her words to be exact . So ofcourse being the good daughter that I am...I got the dress she soo wanted me to get (read: forced me into buying ). ..the one I looked so pretty in, NOT!! It was a peach dress with a white collar thingy and a bow that tied in the back...think Ashley Banks in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ...so early 90s, I vowed to wear that dress the day of and NEVER EVER again....I wore it to church on Mother's day and came home hung it in the closet and never ever ever touched it again.

That infamous peach dress traumatized me and made me hate wearing dresses!! Until just recently that is !!...seems like dresses are the only pieces I want to have hanging in my "kashi" nowadays; the cute little dress and some nice shoes to match or in my case mis-match. They are so comfortable and I now remember why I used to like them as a little girl..you feel so free in a dress!

Now I'm in search of the perfect dress for the BIG DAY!! I keep envisioning myself in a yellow dress with some nice red shoes....why the combination you ask? Not really sure...it's just what I see myself wearing. It's so hard to find what I want though...but then again, isn't that always the case? You never seem to find what you're looking for....and then ofcourse when you don't need it anymore..that's when you find it. For now I'll continue my search for the perfect canary yellow dress....

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