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Friday, July 18, 2008

Family Vacation

My family was in Miami on vacation....it was actually a double purpose visit....they were here for our wedding and also to spend time with us. It's been 6 months since I've last seen them but to me it felt like years. They spent two weeks with us- we had a WONDERFUL time together. It was like old times- we would wake up early and all have breakfast together, then hang around the house watching TV (more like figthing for power of the remote control)and chitchatting, then we'd hit the road for a couple hours have dinner as a family and just hang out. It was the best two weeks ever....well better said...it was two of the best weeks ever! I love my family and I guess you can call me biased when I say that I HAVE THE BEST PARENTS AND SISTER IN THE WORLD!!!!

Saturday July 12th we woke up and decided to head out to Orlando for the day to visit one of the theme parks....we ended up at Islands of Adventure. I felt like a little kid again; it's been years since we visited Orlando.Pig, Shaun and I took the park by storm...we went on lots of rides. We were soaked for the better part of the day ( didn't know that Islands of Adventure was full of water rides)and to boot we didn't even have a change of clothes for our ride back to Miami . Our dad was brave enough to join us for The Hulk Roller Coaster Ride.....he was a trooper...lol....my mom on the other hand was the photographer/purse holder (she cannot stomach any types of rides, so she would usually sit on one of the benches and wait for us to get back)...even Shaunie joined her on the bench every now and then, lol...

Two weeks vacation is never enough.....wish they could have stayed longer. It was fun coming home to a houseful everyday for two weeks....once Shaun and I got home after I dropped them off at the airport...we were both a little sad...the house was quiet..and it seemed as if there was nobody there at all....as if the family visit was just a dream. It's okay though...before we know it it'll be that time of year again and we'll have as much or maybe even more fun than we had this time around.

Mi stima boso cu tur mi curazon; Whoody, Daddy y Pig.

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