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Friday, July 4, 2008

Our Wedding Day

July 3rd 2008

Today is THE BIG DAY- the day I marry my best friend. Every relationship has its ups and downs and ours was no different- we've been through it all; good times, bad times, laughter and tears...but through it all we've stuck by eachother. After today I'll officially be able to introduce Shaun as MY HUSBAND.

In attendance were my parents (Barbara & Carlos) and sister(Aisheline) who flew in from Aruba, my cousin Veronica, two of my college friends(Amorrell& Geanie ), Shaun's mom (Ingrid) and baby brother (Corey)and my friend from work (Merari) who might I add is the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER ever!!Besides remembering every single person in attendance- I don't really recall much about the actual ceremony. I do remember trying to hold back tears (to no avail) as soon as Shaun started saying his vows and I also remember seeing my daddy's eyes full of tears. If it wasn't for pictures and videos, this entire day would have been nothing but a blur to us. Thanks to my family and friends this day will be a day to remember forever!

With the power vested in me by the state of Florida I now pronounce you
Husband and Wife....you may HIGH FIVE your Bride!!


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